PARENTNashik is a brand to help you find resistance welding consumables, weldparts spares, projection welding electrodes for your spot welders and robotic welding backed by Paramount Enterprises., Glaxo point, Ambad MIDC, Nashik


L26, Glaxo point, Ambad MIDC, Nashik,
PARENTNashik, Maharashtra


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Paramount Enterprises with a renowned brand. PARENTNashik is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, listed in major leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of resistance spot welding consumables, spares, weldparts in Nashik — India.

PARENTNashik is awarded by The BIZZ Award (USA), IBA Award (India) and recognized for India 5000 Best MSME award-2017 & 2018, Welding World Awards -2018. (Europe).

.PARENTNashik offers Resistance spot welding gun spares, consumables, weldparts & accessories for portable welders, spot welding guns, projection & seam welder, and machines.

  • Resistance spot welding electrodes — PARENTNashik
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  • Spot Welding Shank — PARENTNashik
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  • Spot welding gun arm with insulation — PARENTNashik
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  • Projection welding electrodes — Elkonite Electrodes- Paramount Enterprises
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  • Seam Welding Wheels — Paramount Enterprises
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